Material lifts

A reliable tool, light and safe that different workers looking!

For decades, ALP Personnel and Material Lifts have been impressing people as reliable partners for various maintenance and assembly works. Due to the compact design the lifts require minimum space on-site compared to standard cranes or working platforms respectively. Assembly and operation on extremely narrow sites is therefore hardly any problem. Convenient transport is easily possible thanks to the low overall height of the lifts. All ALP Personnel and Material Lifts are based on the same unsurpassed concept. As their design is reduced to the essential, the lifts are extremely versatile and can be used for the most different operations in the industry or the service sector. Material Lifts and Personnel Lifts are available in various sizes in specifications so that there is always the right ALP Lift for any operation. In contrast to the ALP Lifts, Böcker Mobil-Lifts have been designed for stationary operation in and at buildings. But that does not mean that they are not as versatile. The comprehensive product range starts with simple stair lifts up to sophisticated vertical lifts with closed cabins.

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