ALP Kinolift

ALP Kinolift - The new star in movie theatres

The product code PHC 1000 S stands for the big movie star of Böcker ALP Lifts. The Kinolift has been particularly designed for the big scene and can be considered as the most convenient possibility to reach the ceiling of movie theatres in no time. Assembly or replacement of lighting and smoke detectors become as easy as any other replacement or maintenance works on the ceiling. The Böcker Kinolift is ready for use within 10 minutes whereas the assembly of an ordinary scaffold usually takes half a day. No other lift is able to provide customers with this unbeatable efficiency.

Thanks to its specific arms it can be conveniently assembled between two rows of seats. Beside operation in movie theatres, the Kinolift is equally suitable for big auditoriums of universities. It is the best choice even for the most challenging circumstances e.g. when working directly on a wall or on inclined surfaces.


Lightweight aluminium construction

Many components of the ALP Kinolift PHC 1000 S are made of aluminium which makes the lift solid and lightweight for convenient transport. All parts are safely stored on hand lifts which ensure fast transport and easy assembly by just two persons. With the help of a stair lift which is also available at Böcker, all components can be lifted up the stairs without too much effort.