Type PH

PH series - The powerful ALP Personel Lifts

The PH series Böcker ALP Personnel Lifts is one of the most powerful lift series with maximum working heights from 7.50 to 14.00 m. The lifts provide customers with maximum payloads from 115 to 140 kg depending on the model. So workers can easily carry all necessary tools or other material with them. For convenient control, customers may choose between hand- and foot-control units respectively.

The galvanized chassis as well as the sturdy aluminium rail system ensure maximum durability of the lifts. And due to the relatively low dead weight and the low overall height, transport of the PH lifts is possible without too much effort. Having a maximum transport height of 1.98 m, all lifts easily fit through a standard-sized door. Transport by fork-lift truck is equally possible thanks to the stacking pockets which are standard features of all models.

Many other features are equally standard on the ALP Lifts of the PH series. Helpful features such as an outrigger transport barrow, an emergency lowering of the work basket or wheels with stabilizing brakes can be found on any lift of this series. So you can perform any operation safely and efficiently with the Böcker ALP Personnel Lift of the PH series.

Technical Specifications


PH 900

PH 1100

PH 1300

PH 1400

Working height

9.30 m

11.00 m

12.75 m

14.00 m

Platform height

7.30 m

9.00 m

10.75 m

12.00 m


140 kg

140 kg

135 kg

115 kg

Construction height

2.30 m

2.30 m

2.30 m

2.77 m

Overall width

0.77 m

0.77 m

0.77 m

0.77 m

Overall length

1.32 m

1.38 m

1.44 m

1.44 m

Wall distance

15 cm

21 cm

40 cm

45 cm

Extension speed

25 sec

30 sec

35 sec

40 sec

Dead weight (without ballast weights)

310 kg

356 kg

394 kg

430 kg

Dead weight (with ballast weights)

394 kg

440 kg

478 kg

514 kg

All rights reserved for changes in dimension and construction! All figures are approximate figures.