Type PHC-I

Type PHC-I - Compact industrial version with shorter outriggers

At Böcker, PHC-I describes the industrial version of the ALP PHC series. These models are particularly characterized by the ballast weights which are integrated in the chassis. Having a considerably improved centre of gravity these personnel lifts do not need large supports anymore and are able to operate at a minimum required space. Furthermore the front side of the basket can be positioned flush with walls, signs or any similar operation areas.

The PHC-I series also impresses by its compact transport dimensions. With an overall height of 1.98 m and an overall width of only 0.77 m these machines easily fit through any standard-sized door.

The extremely compact dimensions do not require any compromises, at all. Like the ALP Lift PHC series the PHC-I lifts equally lift by maximum payloads from 135 kg to 140 kg without any problem. Maximum working heights differ from 6.50 m up to 12.00 m.

The industrial version of the PHC series provides customers with all other strengths of the Böcker ALP Lifts as well. The solid construction results stability and unsurpassed durability. It is self-evident that all PHC-I lifts comply with current safety regulations and bear the CE sign.

Technical Specifications


PHC-I 650

PHC-I 800

PHC-I 940

PHC-I 1100

PHC-I 1200

Working height

6.50 m

8.00 m

9.45 m

10.85 m

12.00 m

Platform height

4.50 m

6.00 m

7.45 m

8.85 m

10.00 m


140 kg

140 kg

140 kg

140 kg

135 kg

Construction height

1.98 m

1.98 m

1.98 m

1.98 m

1.98 m

Overall width

0.77 m

0.77 m

0.77 m

0.77 m

0.77 m

Overall length

1.26 m

1.32 m

1.38 m

1,44 m

1,44 m

Wall distance

9 cm

10 cm

9 cm

21 cm

34 cm

Extension speed

28 sec

26 sec

21 sec

26 sec

26 sec

Dead weight (without ballast weights)

250 kg

280 kg

300 kg

330 kg

345 kg

Eigengewicht mit Ballastgewichten

294 kg

354 kg

384 kg

414 kg

429 kg

All rights reserved for changes in dimension and construction! All figures are approximate figures.