Type PHC

Type PHC - Compact, lightweight and strong

The Böcker ALP Lifts of the PHC series are extremely compact personnel lifts. They particularly impress by their minimum required space and the extremely lightweight construction. The transport dimensions are equally compact. With an overall height of 1.98 m and a width of only 0.77 m the lifts easily pass through a standard-sized door.

Despite the space-saving design all models of the PHC series impress by their enormous performance. Depending upon the model working heights between 6.50 m and 12.00m are easily possible. Maximum payloads differ from 135 kg to 140 kg. The robust construction made of aluminium as well as the galvanized chassis ensure enormous stability and highest durability.

Like any other ALP Personnel Lift the PHC series is available with hand- or foot-control unit upon request. The lifts operate flexibly in- and outside of buildings. Designed and built in accordance with all current safety regulations, all PHC Lifts bear the CE sign.

Technische Daten


PHC 650

PHC 800

PHC 940

PHC 1100

PHC 1200

Working height

6.50 m

8.00 m

9.45 m

10.85 m

12.00 m

Platform height

4.50 m

6.00 m

7.45 m

8.85 m

10.00 m


140 kg

140 kg

140 kg

140 kg

135 kg

Construction height

1.98 m

1.98 m

1.98 m

1.98 m

1.98 m

Overall width

0.77 m

0.77 m

0.77 m

0.77 m

0.77 m

Overall length

1.26 m

1.32 m

1.38 m

1.44 m

1.44 m

Wall distance

9 cm

10 cm

9 cm

21 cm

34 cm

Extension speed

28 sec

26 sec

21 sec

26 sec

26 sec

Dead weight (without ballast weights)

250 kg

280 kg

300 kg

330 kg

345 kg

Eigengewicht mit Ballastgewichten

294 kg

354 kg

384 kg

414 kg

429 kg

All rights reserved for changes in dimension and construction! All figures are approximate figures.