Trailer Crane AHK 25/800 PLC

The AHK 25/800 PLC is a solid entry-level model. It is mainly characterised by its relatively low dead weight of 3.0 tons. Therefore it may even be towed by appropriate passenger cars. By the height-adjustable towing hitch adaptation to the towing vehicle becomes a piece of cake.

Despite its compact and cost effective characteristics hardly any compromises regarding performance are required. The AHK 25/800 PLC is suitable for any regular operation on construction sites. With a maximum extension length of 25 m the rear side of the roof of a single-family house can still be reached. The sensitive radio-remote control is a standard feature of the AHK 25/800 PLC. It ensures precise and efficient operations in each case.

Surpassing control technology

Just like any other Böcker Trailer Crane, the AHK 25/800 is equipped with the sophisticated PLC Control. The four supports are separately adjustable and are continuously monitored. The maximum possible swivel range is calculated and approved according to the position of the supports. Customers get a solid trailer crane, which offers the well-known BÖCKER quality at a favourable price.


Trailer Crane AHK 25/800 PLC Technical Specifications

Length vehicle 8.50 m
Width vehicle 2.20 m
Height vehicle 2.55 m
Gross vehicle weight (GVW) 2,850 kg
Max. extension length 25.00 m
Working height up to jib 20.00 m
Jib lockable at 165°/150°/135°
Max. erection angle telescope mast 85°
Jib extended 6.00 m
Jib retracted 3.85 m
Max. hook speed 45 m/min
Swivel range +/- 310°
Fully supported LxB 5.20 x 5.20 m
Single-sided support LxB 6.80 x 3.65 m

Max. Range of Crane Operation

at 800 kg 6.50 m
at 500 kg 10.50 m
at 250 kg 17.50 m
at 100 kg 22.00 m

All rights reserved for changes in dimension and construction! All figures are approximate figures.