Trailer Crane AHK 36/2400 hybride

Trailer Crane AHK 36/2400 hybride - The new class leader

The AHK 36/2400 is the most powerful trailer crane of its class. Thanks to its sophisticated boom this crane reaches heights up to 36 m without any problems. Having a vehicle weight of only 3.5 t, this machine lifts loads up to 2.4 t. The ultra-modern Böcker mast technology provides the basis for these surpassing performance data. This Böcker technology combines classical aluminium components with a new high-strength steel which is lightweight and string at the same time. Therefore, the AHK 36/2400 clearly outperforms all other comparable cranes. The AHK 36/2400 is mounted on a tandem chassis ensuring a safe driving behaviour and an optimal distribution of floor load.

Beside its strong performance the AHK 36/2400 clearly stands out by its enormous versatility. The MULTIFLEX supports can be set up in 256 different positions and auto-leveling and therefore guarantee maximum utilisation of the available space on site. The stabalizers are swivelling as well as foldable and therefore ensure an optimal positioning of the machine in the direction of the load. Furthermore they can be swivelled areound as well as folded beyond any barriers without any problem. At the same time it is possible to balance out height differences up to 50 cm without the need of an additional sub-structure. No other support system in the field of trailer cranes provides comparable opportunities.

The new MULTIFLEX-supports are combined with the Böcker EHSC control. This high-performance control in 32-bit technology enables an exact processing of any control command. Being equiped with the latest CAN-bus technology as well as two independent safety controls, the AHK 26/2400 provides maximum safety. This concept is certified by the German technical inspection authority DEKRA.


Length vehicle 9.13 m
Width vehicle 2.05 m
Height vehicle 2.83 m
Gross vehicle weight (GVW) 3,500 kg
Max. extension length 36.00 m
Working height up to jib 22.00 m
Jib infinitely variabel 0°-165°
Max. erection angle telescope mast 85°
Jib extended 11.05 m
Jib retracted 4,85 m
Max. hook speed 60 m/min
Swivel range +/- 310°
Fully supported LxW 5.40 x 5.40 m
Single-sided support LxW 7.20 x 3.60 m

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