The aluminium cranes

Powerful, reliable and safe!

For decades, the Böcker aluminium crane technology has been representing performance, safety and reliability. With payloads varying from 1,500 to 6,000 kg and working heights varying from 32 to 46 m there is a powerful model for any operation in the comprehensive product range.

The modern PLC Control is the core piece of any Böcker Aluminium Crane. It provides the operator with a maximum degree of safety and usability. This modern control ensures in combination with the sensitive radio-remote control that all loads can be transported unerringly and quickly to the roof.

The enormous capacity of Böcker Aluminum Cranes leads to a substantial responsibility to safely transport these enormous loads. The well engineered and superior Böcker PLC Control surpasses all expectations in this case as well. It continuously monitors the position of all supports as well as the attached load and automatically calculates the maximum working range.

So Böcker Aluminium Cranes offer an unsurpassed combination of efficiency, performance and safety. Consequently the cranes are more than just machines. They become a substantial competitive advantage for the operator.

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